District Post: Blake Aldridge just loves taking the plunge!

Blake Alidridge Press Coverage

There are strange ways to earn a living but few are as dangerous as Blake Aldridge’s profession. A job has been described as a paid position of regular employment – Blake gets paid for what he does and is in regular work but most people would baulk at jumping off high cliffs into water many metres below – its not the sort of job that your mother would like to see you doing.

But, Blake tells the District Post: “I absolutely love cliff diving!” he explains: “I was in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (partnering Tom Daley in the synchronised event) but subsequently had a bad motor bike accident injuring an elbow, so I couldn’t continue competitive Olympic diving. I was devastated because I had been diving since I was five years old and had always trained very hard. So, when Red Bull offered me a lifeline, inviting me to participate in their Cliff Diving World Series, covered on Sky Sports Mix and Fox Sports, I jumped at the opportunity! Naturally I was petrified at first but there are boats with safety crew in the water and I love doing things that get the pulses racing. It’s a full on travelling life.”

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