Linden Lodge Annual Ski Trip

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Linden Lodge Annual Ski Trip with 12 Blind and Disabled Children with Fellow Olympian Tim Dudgeon

After an amazing week away in Italy skiing with 12 amazing and very special inspirational children from linden lodge school, Southfields Academy of Wandsworth school learning to ski, you have all achieved amazing things this past week and I’m so proud of every single one of you and so happy that I was able to help u all and be a part of something so special for a 2nd year running with 12 new children. A short video will be added as soon as its finished being edited of everyone’s skiing trip.

Blake and Tim are for the second consecutive year giving their valuable time to accompany 12 visually impaired multi disabled children to the Italian Alps to enable them to discover unexpressed and latent potential participating in an Olympic sport with two Olympians.

Blake and Tim have had all the children on a ski simulator machine that Tim has designed and built to get the children used to what it will feel like when they do it for real in March.